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John Miles is successful, determined and wealthy. When he returns from  dinner out with wife Barbara and best friends Trevor and Jenny to find his  house has been burgled, he's furious, particularly as the burglar may still be  in the house. And when the local copper appears from nowhere, John assumes they have  found their bumbling burglar, Spriggs. But as Spriggs starts to expertly manipulate, cajole and corrupt them, we  begin to wonder if he's much, much cleverer than they think.   With a hidden safe, childhood rivalries, guilty secrets and everything to lose,  five very different people play an escalating and hilarious game of cat and  mouse...  David Lane will direct the play.


Trevor Farrington Mike Waters John Miles Graeme Parker Jenny Farrington Astrid Croasdale Barbara Miles Elaine Wells Spriggs Ken Davison TICKETS NOW ON SALE! Available from: 01904 728303 Members of The Monday Players tickets@mondayplayers.com
November 2017 Theft  by Eric Chappell