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TITLE: Season’s Greetings  PLAYWRIGHT: Alan Ayckbourn PERFORMANCE DATES: December, 1993  DIRECTOR: Sadie Ashton  


Neville Bunker Geoffrey Harris Belinda, his wife Barbara Miller Phyllis, his sister Pam Newsholme Harvey, his uncle Richard Knott Bernard, Phyllis’ husband Frank Atkinson Rachel, Belinda’s sister Vicky Joughin Eddie Simon Dowswell Pattie, Eddie’s wife Alma Belbin Clive David Lane Click HERE for full Cast and Crew details 


It is Christmas at Belinda and Neville’s house and they have invited their family for a  traditional Christmas celebration. The guests include: Neville’s exhausted sister Phyllis;  her husband Bernard, a doctor whose annual puppet shows are the stuff of legend and  terror to both young and old alike; Neville’s friend Eddie and his pregnant wife Pattie;  uncle Harvey, a slightly senile retired security guard and a television-addict; Belinda’s  unmarried sister, Rachel; Clive, a writer and friend of Rachel.  Clive arrives late by train, is missed by Rachel, and is instead welcomed by Belinda,  who is immediately attracted to him. Harvey, as a result of a misunderstanding, takes  an immediate dislike to Clive, believing him to be a homosexual and prospective thief.  Clive falls for the frustrated Belinda after Rachel tells him she is looking for no more  than friendship. He and Belinda attempt to fulfil their passions beneath the Christmas  tree, but are discovered when they set off the various electronic toys and lights beneath  the tree in, initially, their lust and then their desperate attempts to turn everything off.  On Boxing Day, Clive arranges to leave as soon as he can. Meanwhile, rehearsals are  taking place for Bernard’s puppet show The Three Little Pigs, all his efforts being  undermined by Harvey. Bernard eventually snaps and tirades against Harvey. Very  early the following morning, Clive, in the process of leaving, is intercepted by Harvey  who believes he is a thief taking all the presents. Harvey promptly shoots Clive, who is  pronounced dead by the ineffectual Bernard. The ‘corpse’ promptly lets out a moan and  calls for Belinda, rather than Rachel. He is taken to hospital and Belinda and Neville  are left together, Neville choosing to ignore all that has happened. 



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