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TITLE: Stepping Out  PLAYWRIGHT: Richard Harris  PERFORMANCE DATES: 18th - 20th November 1999  DIRECTOR: David Lane 


Mavis Nicki Clay Mrs Fraser Sadie Ashton  Lynne Jill Pearson Dorothy Pat Davison Maxine Alma Belbin Andy Carole Money Geoffrey David Belbin Vera Vicky Stocks Sylvia  Pam Newsholme  Rose  Jean Wall Stage Manager’s Voice Ken Davison  Fairy Louise Jackson  Nigel  Ian Bithell  Click HERE for full Cast and Crew details 


The play chronicles several months in the life of a beginning dance class. Each of the  eight students, who come from a variety of backgrounds, has his or her own reason for  joining. For instance, Maxine, a confident, fast-talking saleswoman (and former  Ovaltine dancer), is there on doctor's orders, while self-sacrificing Andy participates  because it is the only thing she does for herself. Whatever the cause, they make a  point of coming every week to chat, relax and, if they can manage to, learn a couple of  dance steps. Led by Mavis, their eternally patient instructor, and accompanied by the acerbic pianist  Mrs. Fraser, the students (who range from hopeless to competent) strive to master the  basics of dance. But the steps and routines are just the background for the real focus of  the play -- the relationships and interactions of these ten very different people. By their  final performance, not only have the class members developed some degree of skill,  but they have also overcome the inhibitions, awkwardness and personality conflicts that  have kept them out of sync. 



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