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TITLE: Theft  PLAYWRIGHT: Eric Chappell  PERFORMANCE DATES: 16th - 18th November 2017  DIRECTOR: David Lane 


Trevor Farrington Mike Waters John Miles Graeme Parker Jenny Farrington Astrid Croasdale Barbara Miles Elaine Wells Spriggs Ken Davison Click HERE for full Cast and Crew details Click HERE for production programme 


John Miles is successful, determined and wealthy. When he returns from dinner out  with wife Barbara and best friends Trevor and Jenny to find his house has been  burgled, he's furious, particularly as the burglar may still be in the house.   And when the local copper appears from nowhere, John assumes they have found their  bumbling burglar, Spriggs.   But as Spriggs starts to expertly manipulate, cajole and corrupt them, we begin to  wonder if he's much, much cleverer than they think.   With a hidden safe, childhood rivalries, guilty secrets and everything to lose, five very  different people play an escalating and hilarious game of cat and mouse... 


CHAIR’S PRODUCTION NOTES Welcome to our latest production... Theft by Eric Chappell.  The search for potential plays can be an onerous task, often trawling the internet;  wading through the 800 page play manual; researching a back catalogue of other  AmDram groups.   However, this play came to us via the easiest of routes, a recommendation by a fellow  player and an audience member, both having seen it performed by The Dunnington  Players. It was well received at our initial read through AND we had a willing director in  place...result! Ideally, we prefer to produce plays that offer certainly more than two parts for females,  however it was felt that there would be ample opportunity during our next production  (May 2018) with a whopping nineteen parts up for grabs for the ladies.   Thankfully we have had an influx of six new ladies join our group in the last eighteen  months...and four men!  David Lane, our director, has reported that he has enjoyed a very positive rehearsal  period and is pleased with the enthusiasm shown from both the cast and supporting off-  stage team. We thank you David for your continued vision, enthusiasm and commitment to the  group. Your job is done, so sit back and enjoy the rewards of an appreciative audience!  I would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to our newest  members Carter Croft, Lynne Edwards and Elaine and Bob Wells.  And finally...thank you to our audience and sponsors for your continued support and  patronage. It is, as always, greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy our play.  Nicki Clay


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