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TITLE: Celebration

PLAYWRIGHT: Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

PERFORMANCE DATES: 16th - 18th November 2000

DIRECTOR: Jill Pearson


Christine Lucas (the bride) - Nicki Clay

Rhoda Lucas (her mother) - Christina Love

Edgar Lucas (her father) - Brian Rowland

Jack Lucas (her brother) - Peter Kitchin

Irene Howes (her cousin) - Carole Money

Lilian Howes (her aunt) - Alma Belbin

Frank Broadbent (her uncle) - David Lane

Arthur Broadbent (her great uncle) - Frank Atkinson

Stan Dyson (Irene’s fiance) - Ian Bithell

Bernard Fuller (the groom) - Darren O’Connor

Edna Fuller (his mother) - Pam Newsholme

Alice Fuller (his aunt) - Jean Wall

Lionel Fuller (his cousin) - Ken Davison

Margo Fuller (his cousin’s wife) - Pat Davison

May Beckett - Vicky Stocks

Sgt Maj. Tommy Lodge - Terry Brown


The Wedding and The Funeral make up the two parts of this comedy in which we are introduced to the same family, first making preparations for a wedding and subsequently, six months later, returning from the funeral of their Uncle Arthur, a lovable personality who provides the link between the two plays.

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