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TITLE: Flying Feathers

PLAYWRIGHT: Derek Benfield

PERFORMANCE DATES: 19th - 21st November 1998

DIRECTORS: Lee Maloney and Sadie Ashton


Sarah Potterton - Jean White

Henry Potterton - David Lane

Polly - Carole Money

Debbie - Louise Jackson

Nora Winthrop - Alma Belbin

Sally - Vicky Stocks

Jackie - Pam Newsholme

Roger Featherstone - Ian Bithell

Mr Tunnicliffe - Ken Davison

A Visitor - David Belbin


When Chief Constable Henry Potterton and his sister arrive at the peaceful country house of their late, lamented brother Bernard, they are astonished to find several scantily clad ladies wandering about.  

During Bernard's visit to a religious commune, his housekeeper turned the place into a "house of sin" and now she hastily tries to hide the truth.


This leads to hilarious comings and goings, and when Bernard turns up alive, the household is thrown into further chaos

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