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About The Monday Players


In 1979, the then Village Hall Chairman suggested that, as there was a lot of talent in the village, we could produce a village concert.


And so it happened.

The Village Music Hall as it was called (with a different compère for each one) had many quite professional turns and some hilarious sketches and it ran for 18 years.

Around the middle of this time another lady suggested that a pantomime was a possibility and so began to Escrick Pantomimes in 1988.

After the fourth Panto had been a particular success and the cast were sad because they had to wait two years before another one.

The pantomimes director, in the mean time, had been to the Georgian Theatre in Richmond, North Yorkshire to see Alan Ayckbourn ‘s Seasons Greetings. She suggested to the panto cast that they try a serious play  in the in-between years.

It was a huge success and the company was greatly encouraged by one member who said, “You cannot let this go now”...


The same people were acting in the play as were in the pantomimes, and it became too much and so the pantos stopped and the plays continued and  the Monday Players was born.


The Monday Players drama society is based at Escrick, a small village, about seven miles south of York City centre. Our venue, recently refurbished, is the village hall, where we have produced live theatre for the last twenty years.

Members come from wide area, ten miles radius or more, including York and Selby, but we also have the fellowship of family, friends and many other supporters who like to be involved not only in productions but also social events such as theatre trips, Summer garden party and Christmas celebrations.

We are a welcoming, enthusiastic and supportive group; we have high standards of performance and production; we enjoy immensely the recreational benefits of our activities.

In December 2013 we celebrated our twentieth anniversary and fortieth production since our foundation by revisiting our first production, when a small group decided to perform Season’s Greetings, by Alan Ayckbourn; the stage, set and technical effects were very modest indeed.   Since 1993 we have prospered, developed and maintained our stage craft, technical expertise and the acquisition of equipment, costume, props and furniture.  We stage two productions a year – May and November – and enjoy the patronage of many people in the area.




Some members enjoy performing; others enjoy being part of our production teams; some enjoy both!  Every production provides opportunities to act, to get involved in set construction, become part of the stage crew, to assist with transport, lighting, sound, special effects, publishing, front of house or indeed, helping to make a welcome cuppa at one of our rehearsals.  


Rehearsals take place on Sunday and Monday evenings and our two production dates fall in May and November each year.   Generally members are sixteen years or more but there can be exceptions.


If you are interested in becoming involved, in whatever way, with The Monday Players, please contact our Chair, Ken Davison ( and you will be warmly invited to meet Monday Players ‘at work’ and decide for yourself.

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