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TITLE: Daisy Pulls It Off

PLAYWRIGHT: Denise Deegan

PERFORMANCE DATES: 18th - 20th November 2004

DIRECTOR: Sadie Ashton


Daisy Meredith - Nicki Clay

Sybil Burlington - Barbara Miller

Mother - June Wrightson

Belinda Mathieson - Doreen Stockdale

Clare Beaumont - Pat Davison

Trixie Martin - Kate Newall

Monica Smithers - Carole Money

Alice Fitzpatrick - Pam Newsholme

Miss Granville - Jean Wall

Mr Scoblowski - David Lane

Dora Johnston - June Wrightson

Mademoiselle - Kath Wilson

Winnie Irving - Jean Wall

Mr Thompson - Terry Brown


Daisy Pulls it Off is a tongue-in-cheek look at the world of the girls' private school, of Malory Towers and St Clare's. It is the story of a teenage girl, Daisy Meredith, who is from a poor family of Opera singers. Her father has gone missing, and she is brought up by her mother who has to revert to teaching singing lessons to pay the rent. She wins a scholarship to boarding school, and then has to deal with the snobbery and cattiness from the girls who go there.  Sybil takes a particular dislike to the heroine of the play, and devise a series of plans to discredit Daisy and get her expelled from school, that would make Machiavelli wince. However, Daisy makes friends with the head girl, Clare, and finds out that her family, who were very rich, have lost the family treasure. It is hidden somewhere in the school.  Daisy manages to save the day, even when threatened with expulsion, when a midnight expedition with a group of girls goes wrong. Maude is left hanging on to a cifftop for dear life, when Daisy saves her. After this Sybils own up to her dastardly plans, and apologises in front of the whole school. But this is not all... in true Enid Blyton style, the treasure is found, and Daisy discovers that the school caretaker is in actual fact.... her father!

Daisy Pulls It Off
Daisy Pulls It Off
Daisy Pulls It Off
Daisy Pulls It Off
Daisy Pulls It Off
Daisy Pulls It Off
Daisy Pulls It Off
Daisy Pulls It Off
Daisy Pulls It Off
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