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TITLE: Party Piece

PLAYWRIGHT: Richard Harris

PERFORMANCE DATES: 16th - 18th November 2006

DIRECTOR: David Lane


Michael Smethurst - Hugh Dower

Roma Smethurst - Carole Money

Mrs Hinson - Jean Wall

David Hinson - Brian Rowland

Jennifer Hinson - Barbara Miller

Toby Hancock - Terry Brown

Sandy Lloyd-Meredith - Kate Newall


It is the night of Michael's and Roma's fancy dress house-warming party. The evening looks to be a lively one until a string of disasters strike, including a distinct lack of guests, a burning garden shed, a marauding Zimmer frame and the prospect of an irate husband on the prowl.  Michael's and Roma's patience is further tried by the arrival of their neighbours, the indomitable Mrs Hinson,  who brings her own brand of party entertainment in the form of the domestic squabbles of her son and daughter-in-law.

Party Piece
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