TITLE: Key For Two

PLAYWRIGHT: John Chapman and Dave Freeman

PERFORMANCE DATES: 22nd-24th November 2012

DIRECTOR: Sadie Ashton


Harriet - Jill Pearson

Gordon - Graeme Parker

Alec - Brian Rowland

Anne - Linda Baillie

Richard - George Horne

Magda - Norma Nicholson

Mildred - Pam Newsholme


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In this wickedly amusing play, Harriet, a divorcee living in an elegant flat in Brighton, solves her financial problems by entertaining two married gentlemen callers on different days of the week. The scheme faces collapse when her friend Anne, whose marriage is tottering, arrives at the flat hotly pursued by her husband.  One of Harriet's lovers is confined to Harriet's bed with a sprained ankle and the second lover turns up unexpectedly closely followed by two irate wives in search of itinerant husbands.  The indescribable confusion that ensues builds to a rich complexity of mistaken identity, splendidy farcical situations and a climax of comic wizardry.


Hello and welcome to ‘Key For Two’ on behalf of myself and all of The Monday Players. Once again we have gathered over the past few months to provide our local community with a little live theatre. Our director for this show – Sadie Ashton – has been working tirelessly alongside her team to produce something we are very proud of and something that you, our audience, will hopefully enjoy. Some of our members enjoy performing, others enjoy being part of our production teams and some enjoy both! Every production provides opportunities to act, to get involved in set construction, become part of the stage crew, to assist with transport, lighting, sound, special effects, publishing, front of house, or indeed, helping to make a welcome cuppa at one of our rehearsals. We have enjoyed immensely our Sunday and Monday evenings over the past months and this week now allows us to share the fun and laughter (we hope!) with all of you. So sit back and enjoy the show. For this production proceeds from the raffle will include a donation to the St. Helen’s Church Roof Appeal here in the village. Thank you once again for your continued support and attendance – and we look forward to seeing you next time....!I would like to also take this opportunity to thank our sponsors – your support is greatly appreciated.

David Lane

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